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31st March 2016

Meet The World’s Only Hi-Fi, Wi-Fi Hub For Headphones & Speakers

HUB by ekko is the world’s first high-fidelity, Wi-Fi audio hub for headphones and speakers. Designed to give users the ultimate shared listening experience, HUB by ekko connects to any sound source and casts high-resolution audio to any headphones or speakers wirelessly, using its own built-in Wi-Fi technology to provide a real-time listening experience. Multiple users can enjoy their favorite content, from music to movies to video games, with the same high-quality audio streamed and shared to up to ten sets of headphones or speakers, simultaneously.

HUB is comprised of two main components. The base that acts as a transmitter and charging station, and individual [...]

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31st March 2016

SpeedMaster S Motion – an affordable motion simulator

Gentlemen, start your engines – here we go

Vehemently g-forces tug at the pilot during acceleration, steering and braking. Data from the game syncs and moves the seat without any delay, literally throwing the gamer into the turns. With steering that quickly responds with direct feedback and the brakes that immediately apply make for an extremely immersive experience.

If you get excited by realistic graphics and sound effects from well-made games prepare to experience racing in a whole new dimension: especially when coupled with VR headsets, the driving or flying experience literally becomes breathtakingly realistic. This much adrenaline in an affordable package – is [...]

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31st March 2016

Opto – the first portable VR headset with integrated audio

The first portable Virtual Reality (VR) headset with integrated audio – Opto, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on KickStarter with the objective of raising GBP 40,000 by 29th April.

Opto believes good sound is crucial for an immersive VR experience, thus Opto is the first portable VR headset, where audio has been an integral part from the beginning of the design process. The speakers sit within the headset, therefore users don’t need to add their own headphones.

The Opto virtual reality headset supports any smartphone with a screen size between 4 and 5.1 inches. The unique magnetic front cover mechanism allows for quick and easy attachment and removal of the [...]

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31st March 2016

In a World of Smart EVERYTHING, Why is Strength Training Still Dumb?

Boston based startup LiftUp has launched a Kickstarter for the world’s first smart resistance band.

LiftUp began with a question: “Why can’t Fitbit – and other wearables – track our strength workouts?”

To solve this, the LiftUp team had to think beyond the wrist and integrate the technology into the equipment itself. This led to their LiftUp band, the first smart resistance band. It marries the convenience of a resistance band with the automatic tracking of a wearable to create a new type of workout.

As a resistance band, LiftUp offers an effective way to strength train without the 2-hour gym commitment. It’s also portable and easy-to-store, perfect for business [...]

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    Mr Beam 2 Setup
    Mr Beam 2 is an affordable desktop laser cutter and engraver
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