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Aurai is the world’s first cool/warm water-propelled eye massager

  • Aurai is a stress free and relaxing eye care device that helps alleviate digital eye strain. Constantly staring at screens has caused many people to develop different types of eye problems with few solutions being offered. The company has already doubled its goal on Kickstarter in less than a week.

    According to The Vision Council, 2015 Digital Eye Strain Report:

    • Approximately ⅓ of adults spend more than nine hours per day using a digital device
    • 7-in-10 millennials report having symptoms of digital eye strain
    • More than 9 out of 10 people with digital eye strain use devices for two or more hours each day
    • Nearly 60% of Americans use digital devices for five or more hours each day
    • 70% of Americans use two or more devices at a time.

    auraiAurai uses massaging goggles and a handheld control unit that allows users to adjust the vibration levels and automatic temperature control to choose between a cool or warm compress. The goggles contain a flexible, hypoallergenic silicone eye mask that can fit over any user’s eyes in order to deliver the pulsating water and provide the massage at the proper temperature.

    Aurai looks like a pair of virtual reality goggles and goes around the user’s head to provide a gentle and relieving massage experience using both warm and cool compress. The different temperatures provide a range of solutions, depending on the user’s needs. Aurai’s sleek and modern device is portable, soothing, and extremely convenient to use.

    Aside from relieving soreness and redness from outdoor activities, Aurai’s warm compress, which ranges from 100.4°F-104°F (38°C-40°C), can alleviate dry and tired eyes, increasing the drainage of oils that build up within the eye and encouraging the formation of natural healing particles. Ideal for treating allergic reactions, Aurai’s cool compress, ranging from 64.4°F – 68°F(18°C-20°C), can help with eye pain and stress relief while reducing swelling, dark circles, and crow’s feet.aurai

    For years my father-in-law was suffering from eye fatigue and even showed signs of eye strain, puffiness and migraines. We couldn’t find the right eye care products on the market and that’s why we started to develop Aurai,” said Eric Chu, Co-Founder of Aurai. “Everyday we use our laptops, smartphones, and tablets for a whole range of things that we either need to do or want to do, you’re even looking at one of those devices right now. Constantly staring at screens is essentially the same thing as having your arm in a cast, it doesn’t adjust and as a result, it gets weaker and fatigued. We want to bring Aurai to people everywhere so at the end of a long day of screen watching or being affected by the elements outdoors, people can take care of such an important part of their bodies.

    Already raising over double its goal in less than a week, the company is officially kicking off pre-sales on Kickstarter today and consumers can get their own device for a mere $119.

    About Aurai

    Aurai is a Taiwan-based tech company, formed by a team of creative talents and experienced members in industrial design, mechanical engineering, program management, and marketing and sales. Together, they have developed the world’s first water-propelled eye massager with cool and warm compress. Through the development of ideas, concepts, and patents, the team has gained solid know-how on water-propelled massage technologies and a passionate to bring more great products with the aim to offer “The Ease of a Better Life” to the world.

    Aurai Eye Massager

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