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Blackberry 10 Operating System (OS): Missing Features

Blackberry 10 Operating System (OS): Missing Features

by Team TechnoBanana9th April 2015

  • After using the relatively new BB 10 OS (well now 10.3 to be more precise) on the Blackberyy Z30 since its launch, we’ve come to the following conclusion:

    Well done RIM!

    However having said that, we wont be getting into the features and offerings that this new OS has brought but rather a few things we found that it lacked. For starters you cant schedule your messages (emails or SMS). So if you want to be the first to wish your mate a happy birthday but cant stay up till 12 and want to set a time delayed sms , well you cant! Not out of the box with the BB 10 OS. Android has that feature built in and we remember the Symbian OS operated Nokia N95 having that.

    Another rather minor drawback is the lack of support for .rtf file (rich text files) attachments. Yeah yeah you’re probably saying who still uses them, and you’re probably right too, but as it so happens you can get an occasional email with such a file and like we did then what do you do?

    Fear not.

    We have a solution to both problems. Enter BlackBerry App World. While browsing the slowly increasing app collection we found solutions to both problems:

    RTF Attachments

    1.) ScanWritr by Vanaia LLC (Free and Paid – $4.99 USD)

    blackberry os 10 missing featuresWe found the free version of ScanWritr to work absolutely fine. The app’s real purpose is to enable users to write on scanned documents but it works perfectly to simply convert and view an .rtf file. You can also export the document to email (as a PDF) or gallery (as a JPEG), however the free version contains a little line of text in the footer.

    Check out our demonstration of the ScanWritr app below:

    2.) File Converter by Saper-ek (Paid – $0.99 USD)

    This app wasn’t available when we stumble on the .rft file attachments issue. However we may review it in the future. Let us know if you guys want that.

    Scheduled Messages

    Lots of apps have popped up on Blackberry’s App World. We haven’t been able to check all of them out yet. Give them a go and let us know how it goes.

    1.) SmsScheduler ($0.99 USD)

    2.) Auto Sms ($0.99 USD)

    3.) Email Scheduler (Free)

    4.) Email ++ ($3.99 USD)

    5.) Email Power (Free and Paid – $1.99 USD)

    6.) SMS-Email Scheduler ($1.99 USD)

    7.) SMSbyNow ($2.99 USD)


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