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7th April 2016

The World’s Most Affordable Slushy Machine: iSlush Is Now Available For Pre-Order On Kickstarter

iSlush is the world’s first slushy machine designed professionally as well as affordably for domestic application. The Slushy Guys Pty Ltd has just started a Kickstarter campaign to fund this project.

A good slush is loved by all regardless of their age. Adults love to mix their slush with different alcoholic beverages. Most of the parties during the summer are incomplete without slush. This is why it has always been ahomeowner’s desire to own a professional slushy machine. However, slushy machines are beyond the buying capacity of a common homeowner because of their exorbitant price. Also, the traditional slushy machines have a weight of thirty-five kilograms to [...]

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1st April 2016

Yecup 365 is a mug for every season!

Yecup 365 is the first temperature adjustable smart mug that can cool down or heat up your drink, and keep it that way all day long!

Yecup Technologies, announced the release of its flagship product: The Yecup 365​­ the only temperature adjustable mug that allows you to cool down or heat up ​any​​ drink on the go and ​keep it at a consistent temperature throughout the day. ​Using patented boiling and cooling technology, the Yecup smart mug can be used all year round and excludes the need for other mugs. Yecup has made their mug available via a pre­order campaign on Indiegogo for $109 (12oz version). The Yecup smart mug will begin shipping in September [...]

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2nd April 2015

Get back at your arch nemesis or frenemy with ‘Misfortune cookies’

‘Wise man say: Like paint, your looks will fade‘

We’ve all got one or at least crossed paths with one, that annoying person who you wish you could just punch in the face. Alas you’d probably get arrested for doing that. Enter: Misfortune Cookies, the best way to get back at a prankster or become one yourself.

As you can see from what the ‘wise man’ is saying above these aren’t your normal fortune cookies found at every other Chinese restaurant or take out place. These are special misfortune cookies you can have shipped to anyone deserving a little dose [...]

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30th March 2015

Five Peculiar Food Phobias You Don’t Want to Have

While most people relish the thought of a delicious meal and consider food a form of self indulgence, this isn’t universally true. For a small percentage of the population, certain foods and food related items are feared to the point that they become an obsession and are to be avoided at all costs. When fear of a certain food or foods takes on this status, it becomes a food phobia. Here are five fascinating food phobias to chew on awhile. Be prepared! Pronouncing these food fears can be a real mouth full.

Arachibutrophobia – Fear of peanut butter

You won’t tempt a person with arachibutrophobia with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. They’ll likely run in the [...]

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The World’s Most Affordable Slushy Machine: iSlush Is Now Available For Pre-Order On Kickstarter
Mr Beam 2 is an affordable desktop laser cutter and engraver
Aurai is the world’s first cool/warm water-propelled eye massager
The KAISR Original: An Ultra Light Inflatable Sofa Designed to Completely Change the Way People Relax
Yecup 365 is a mug for every season!
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    Mr Beam 2 Setup
    Mr Beam 2 is an affordable desktop laser cutter and engraver
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