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9th April 2016

Domini makes handmade wooden toys with a conscience

Created by Eduard and Valentina and named after their son Dominic, Domini Toys wants to create amazing wooden toys for people who appreciate quality, beauty and nature.

Domini Toys focuses on 100% ecologically pure, natural, and handmade toys. Here’s what the founders have to say about how Donimi Toys was created:

“We decided to start this project after we have been confronted with the environment we create for our child, especially the toys. Most of the toys we bought for him were made from non-ecologic materials, even the most expensive ones. Our child, like every other child, spends a lot of time with his toys: when he sleeps, when he eats, even in the [...]

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3rd February 2016

Tesseract Dice (D6 and Polyhedral Science Dice)

Tesseract Dice are shaped like 4-Dimensional Cubes, Tesla Coils, Edison Light-bulbs, Nuclear Explosions and so much more, with the goal to bring Science and Invention themed dice to the gaming community,

After their first successful campaign which raised over 10 times their funding goal, the Tesseract Dice are back with their original D6 styles, shaped like 4-D cubs, and painted like comets, silver, gold, red giants, wormholes, supernovas, solar eclipses and more!

This time they have brought in polyhedral dice for the Role Playing Gamers, featuring some of the original styles, as well as new, Inventor inspired dice! These are very unique dice, with an intellectual [...]

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18th April 2015

Water Balloon Fights 2.0: Zorbs + Bunch O Balloons

We remember back in the day when we had to fill up water balloons one at a time and tie each one individually. The painstakingly long process leading up to the ultimate fight. Which never lasted as long is is took to fill up the balloons.

Oh wow how times have changed. Today we’re going to share some revolutionary developments in the water balloon fight arena and you can take our word for it, these advancements are a game changer allowing rapid production of arsenal stockpiles even mid battle when you’re being bombarded. Widgets

Zorbs – self ‘tying’ water balloons

First up we introduce Zorbz, these little bad boys require [...]

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28th March 2015

Create a mud powered battery with MudWatt

The MudWatt is a great new science toy for kids and kids at heart (that means us) currently being funded on KickStarter. Using MudWatt you can generate a small amount of electricity to power a couple LEDs, a buzzer, a clock or anything else you can think of. The secret ingredient is mud (yes that stuff you cant find almost everywhere especially your garden).

This is possible thanks to little micro-organisms or “microbes” (not visible to the naked eye) one-tenth the thickness of a human hair that live throughout almost all soil and sediment on the earth and run mini hamster wheels. No just kidding. One species of these microbes releases electrons while eating up nutrients in [...]

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    Mr Beam 2 Setup
    Mr Beam 2 is an affordable desktop laser cutter and engraver
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