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Domini makes handmade wooden toys with a conscience

  • Created by Eduard and Valentina and named after their son Dominic, Domini Toys wants to create amazing wooden toys for people who appreciate quality, beauty and nature.

    Domini Toys focuses on 100% ecologically pure, natural, and handmade toys. Here’s what the founders have to say about how Donimi Toys was created:

    “We decided to start this project after we have been confronted with the environment we create for our child, especially the toys. Most of the toys we bought for him were made from non-ecologic materials, even the most expensive ones. Our child, like every other child, spends a lot of time with his toys: when he sleeps, when he eats, even in the bathroom and we figured out his toys are not going to do him any good. We decided to create the toys for our child, toys in which we could put our trust and would meet all the requirements, like: ecological material, pleasant smell, engaging visual design, durability. After we made the first ‘trial versions’ our kid loved them. Some of our friends saw the toys and liked them a lot and encouraged us to create more, so we did, and what you see is the result.”

    All toys are made from sustainably sourced cheery and chestnut wood and are coated with beeswax (Allergy Warning). Each toy is lovingly carved by hand with the utmost attention to detail. The painstaking process ensures the best possible finish.

    Watch the video below for more information:

    Domini wants these toys to remain forever attached to fond childhood memories and last generations as keepsakes reminding one of the magical moments from the past.

    You can check out Domini Toys on Kickstarter and help them create toys to stimulate the imagination.

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