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Do you want to #FreeTheMovies – Now you can with MovieSwap!
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  • Startup MovieSwap is seeking to create the world’s largest online video library. MovieSwap is a disruptive and collaborative service that collects physical DVDs from all around the world, puts them into the cloud and allows users to trade or swap and remotely play their videos across their personal libraries. The company, which aims to fight against DVD obsolescence, has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to attract backers and raise awareness.movieswap

    Just like you can legally lend, swap, or offer a DVD to a friend, MovieSwap works in the same way, but on a much larger scale thanks to its remote playback technology. Users can choose to either send in their physical DVD collections in order to enjoy them or swap them with the community, or subscribe and receive some DVDs in their digital library. This process ensures that users are always swapping one DVD for another, thus making the process legal.

    movieswapAs MovieSwap is building its library from individuals’ personal collections, there will soon be the largest film choice ever, ranging from mainstream to indie titles. Additionally, users can get the full DVD experience on any device including bonuses, deleted scenes, director’s commentaries, and other unique features not available when streaming videos online.

    Our goal is to give the power back to the people by enabling them to digitally watch the films they already own. We don’t want the 200 billion dollars invested by the American people on their DVDs to go up in smoke because the technology is now obsolete,” said Co-founder and CEO Cyril Barthet. “It’s time to declutter. We’ve built an incredible piece of technology that can collect, store, and remotely play millions of DVDs. WIth the help of the community, this online universal movie library will quickly become a reality.

    The campaign is currently on Kickstarter.

    MovieSwap will be a freemium platform. All Kickstarter backers will be considered founding members and will be granted full access to the platform for free. Anyone who sends in their DVD collection will also have access to premium features depending on their contribution. Those premium features will also be available for a nominal fee for those who don’t send in their DVDs – fee to be announced.

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