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Mr Beam 2 is an affordable desktop laser cutter and engraver

  • Mr Beam lowers the entry level for laser cutting again thanks to its second edition. The next generation Mr Beam comes with a more powerful laser module that increases the speed and supports thicker materials. It features  a camera which enables an exact positioning of graphics or cut templates on the materials, a powder-coated aluminium protection housing, and plug-and-play-readiness for creative deployments. The Mr Beam team is building it not only for creative makers, but also for users with an art and production background. Virtually everyone can laser cut with Mr Beam II.

    Mr Beam II is a laser cutter and engraver supporting a wide variety of materials. The development of the next generation of this laser cutter began 2014. After the last shipment of the first generation of Mr Beam was sent out. As a company experienced with crowdfunding and successful delivery, the team has proceeded with the same route for Mr Beam II. With the Kickstarter campaign of the first Mr Beam the team collected $180,000 (USD) in spring 2014.

    This new version has been created based on user feedback from version I. Users asked, for example, whether they could buy a ready-to-use Mr Beam, rather than assembling it on their own or many people wished for a more powerful laser module. Mr Beam 2 is the answer.

    New Features of Mr Beam II (Mr Beam 2):

    • Metal protection housing: Mr Beam II has a powder-coated aluminium case. Thanks to this Mr Beam II falls within the laser protection class 1 like an ordinary DVD-Burner. Aluminium has the best protection characteristics and at the same time the lightest weight. The top cover of the case is translucent orange acrylic to see what’s going on and filters the blue laser light completely. In other words: Mr Beam II is ready to move right onto your desktop.
    • Embedded camera: Mr Beam’s web interface will provide a live view from inside the case. You will be able to match designs neatly onto materials. With this, even small objects – like a small picture frame you want to engrave – can get edited accurately. When finished, a photograph of the freshly laser-edited object can be taken and posted via social media.
    • More powerful laser diode: The power of the laser diode has been significantly increased. This means Mr Beam can cut thicker materials like 4mm equal 5/32” of wood. This also means that engraving processes speed up: as an engraving job is done line after line in multiple revisions, the duration of an engraving job depends on how strong the laser module is working on every single spot. More power means less laser time per spot.
    • Large working area in a small footprint: With Mr Beam II you are able to use 70% of its footprint as working area. Even with Mr Beams huge working area the device fits on everyone’s desktop easily.

    Mr Beam 2 Specs

    Working Area: 500mm x 400mm / 20” x 16”

    Mr Beam 2 Printable Materials

    Mr Beam 2 Supported Materials

    House Size: 710mm x 480mm x 175mm / 28” x 19” x7”

    Laser: Blue Laser Diode with 450 nm wavelength

    Material Support: foam, rubber, plywood, mdf, fabric, paper, cardboard, leather, latex, felt, mirror, acrylic, anodized aluminum or wood.

    WLAN/Ethernet Port: Yes

    Processor: Raspberry Pi 3

    Controller: Arduino

    About the Mr Beam Team

    Mr Beam Team

    Mr Beam Team

    Mr Beam, next generation is invented, designed and rolled out by Teja Philipp (CEO), Sven Rens (finances and project manager) and Florian Becker (head engineer). Teja Philipp, software developer by training and maker by heart, formed Mr Beam Lasers UG in Munich as legal background for the first Mr Beam campaign in 2014. The project has since developed into a passionate startup.

    You can get more information on their website and back the project through the Kickstarter Campaign.

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