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SpeedMaster S Motion – an affordable motion simulator

  • Gentlemen, start your engines – here we go

    speedmaster s motionVehemently g-forces tug at the pilot during acceleration, steering and braking. Data from the game syncs and moves the seat without any delay, literally throwing the gamer into the turns. With steering that quickly responds with direct feedback and the brakes that immediately apply make for an extremely immersive experience.

    If you get excited by realistic graphics and sound effects from well-made games prepare to experience racing in a whole new dimension: especially when coupled with VR headsets, the driving or flying experience literally becomes breathtakingly realistic. This much adrenaline in an affordable package – is this real?

    SpeedmasterFlight - TBIt is. Nothing clatters, nothing rattles on this frame of generously sized round tube and its high quality attachments. Whether the driver survives the 24 hours of Le Mans faultlessly is not down to the SpeedMaster S Motion – but on the fitness of the driver!

    The team behind SpeedMaster says they’ve developed this line of motion seats exactly according to customer’s needs, the new SpeedMaster’s patented design makes gamer’s hearts leap for joy:

    • Race sport front and rear diffuser
    • Motion Technology at a affordable price
    • Ergonomically shaped and padded, crafter in the manner of a real racecar seat
    • Reinforced 30 mm round tube frame construction for a solid feeel
    • Fine Design: frame with matt black powder coating and streamlined design
    • Monocoque Design – no disturbing central pole in the foot well
    • Fits every body size: sliding feature (like in a real car) moves the seat back and forth, adjustable back rest, steering and pedal plate
    • Assembled quickly in a few simple steps

    The Speedmaster racing seat is compatible with nearly every steering/pedal set/gear shift products available on the market and can also be used as a flight simulator.

    You can pledge for the Speedmaster S Motion as an Early Bird on Kickstarter from 640€

    Without Motion the Speedmaster is available on Kickstarter for 320€ incl. carpet and drink holder.

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