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The future is here: AppKettle – a kettle you can control with your mobile

The future is here: AppKettle – a kettle you can control with your mobile

by Team TechnoBanana23rd April 2015

  • We all want that perfect cup of tea or coffee but alas very rarely are able to truly enjoy one or three (yes, we know you’re out there). However all that might change thanks to a new kettle soon to be beamed to us from the future. The aptly named Appkettle is an electric hot beverage kettle that one can control from their mobile devices (Android and iOS, with others planned).

    The Appkettle, being funded on KickStarter (UPDATE: Unfortunately this was not funded successfully, however the team is moving forward through self funding), is a smart kettle that allows users to remotely select temperature thanks to the built-in WIFI, schedule their next cuppa and control brew times all from a mobile app. The kettle also features real-time temperature and volume sensing capabilities.

    You can pledge for the Appkettle for £89 plus shipping.


    Richard Hill (Left) and Robert Hill

    The brains behind Appkettle are Robert Hill and Richard Hill, who believe their product can benefit everyone especially parent’s with young infants thanks to the kettle’s cool down feature and tea lovers / addicts (Patrick Jane from The Mentalist would love this kettle!). To top it off the Appkettle offers many energy saving features as well.

    Skeptics might say that the Appkettle is over-complicating a simple process – why do you feel that ‘smart home’ and app-controlled products are the way forward?

    We all currently exist in an age, where there is exponential growth in smart devices (> 2 Billion consumers will have smartphones by 2016), the Internet of things (IoT) market and more consumers are choosing sustainable, convenient and aspirational features for their connected home appliances1. This growth is a direct result of the convenience and benefits that these products generate through being able to connect with the world and people around us. A truly ‘smart home’ app-controlled product should offer a natural extension of use and convenience to the user, whilst offering more functional benefits and allowing all users a visual connection to it. In Appkettle, we have integrated all of these elements, by removing the unknowns with controlling your appliance remotely. Adding smart features to benefit more people, connecting the user visually to their kettle, whilst adding a simple intuitive touch control interface. In summary we have embedded technology in appkettle, to improve a kettle’s use, it’s convenience for the everyday user and ensuring it benefits and connects with more users throughout the world.

    Robert and Richard say that they have been deeply inspired by Steve Jobs and Jonny Ive.

    Steve because of his rebellious archetype for reforming and improving expectations of a design-engineered product, whilst also his relentless application of ideals to distort what we all thought was possible in mobile, computer and consumer products.

    “Jonny quite simply, because he deeply understands and connects with each and every product he develops, in such a way that he believes in the beautiful simplicity of design-engineering a product both internally and externally, regardless of it ever being seen. This level of care and love for what he creates, resonates in the fact that he deeply believes if you create something good enough, then people will like them. We sincerely hope that their inspiration in some way is reflected in the beauty and function of Appkettle.”

    Their advice for other inventors that are looking to establish a career as a technological entrepreneur:

    Be humble and accept that it will take as much time as required, for you to learn the right way to make your idea a reality. There will be significant obstacles in your way throughout this process; many people will doubt you and your idea, whilst your credibility will also be questioned. Remember that developing your idea to reality, takes an incredible will to succeed, a belief in yourself that is unquestionable, in that you know what your doing is indeed worth it and it is most definitely ‘possible’ no matter what happens. Always believe in yourself and the product and remember the journey is worth all the incredible learning’s that you will receive. It will be hard at times, there will be doubt, but always remember that in making a decision, you create a new pathway, which leads to new possibilities and by doing this, you will be heading toward the goal you have in your mind, which ultimately leads to giving the benefit of your creativity to the world.

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