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In a World of Smart EVERYTHING, Why is Strength Training Still Dumb?
Bright Idea

  • Boston based startup LiftUp has launched a Kickstarter for the world’s first smart resistance band.

    LiftUp began with a question: “Why can’t Fitbit – and other wearables – track our strength workouts?

    To solve this, the LiftUp team had to think beyond the wrist and integrate the technology into the equipment itself. This led to their LiftUp band, the first smart resistance band. It marries the convenience of a resistance band with the automatic tracking of a wearable to create a new type of workout.

    As a resistance band, LiftUp offers an effective way to strength train without the 2-hour gym commitment. It’s also portable and easy-to-store, perfect for business travelers.

    liftup resistance bandAs the first smart resistance band, though, LiftUp wirelessly connects to a mobile app for guided workouts, real-time feedback, social leader-boards, with complete progress reporting and automatic tracking of reps, strength, and calories. For guided workouts, users can pre-select programs LiftUp created, or mix-and-match from over 60 individual exercises. The real-time screen shows people how many reps and pounds they are lifting as they workout, enabling real-time adjustments and interactivity. Progress reporting allows them measure their strength improvement over time. This adds insight into strength training workouts that wearables like Fitbit can not provide.

    Plus, its sleek hardwood and aluminum design prove that exercise equipment doesn’t have to be ugly.

    Strength training is a fundamental part of a healthy lifestyle, but to date we’ve done it in a vacuum,” said Nick Sulham, LiftUp’s co-founder. “We didn’t like that, so we built LiftUp to make working out more informed and more interesting.

    You can back LiftUp on Kickstarter.

    About LiftUp

    liftup resistance bandLiftUp was founded on a simple idea: to make strength training more achievable. We believe that with strength comes confidence, and with confidence comes happiness. We want to make a happier world.

    Through great design and a sprinkle of modern technology, LiftUp makes exercise equipment smarter and more stylish. Not only does LiftUp’s equipment sync with mobile devices to automatically track workouts, they’re also designed to look and feel great.

    LiftUp has three co-founders. Nick Sulham originated the idea and built the team. He’s an engineer, ex-personal trainer, and Cornell MBA with 8+ years in product development. Hunter Ashmore, a Harvard MBA and ex-rocket scientist, oversees business development and hardware design. Chris Shuptrine manages marketing and has spent the last 8 years working with high-growth startups.

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