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Axpro FreeKick is robot soccer for your desk

  • Got the Monday Blues? It’s only ten o’clock, and you’re already counting the hours to Friday? Well get ready to say goodbye to that boredom because to make the office fun, AXPRO, a Taiwanese flash drive manufacturer, has come up with a mobile app connected, desktop soccer robot game called Free Kick.

    AXPRO FreeKick is a bluetooth, smartphone connected soccer toy. Pair your phone with the game set, and you can control the actions of the robotic figurines via the game app.

    This desktop toy set is a hybrid between robot soccer and subbuteo. Players can control the movements of robotic figurines from their smartphones. Just swipe the phone, and the robot-soccer player will kick out the ball in the same trajectory of your finger motion. Its motion sensor can detect subtle movement adjustments, and have the figurines perform professional soccer tactics. Given master control, bending, curl and power strike are all yours.

    Not only the striker, defenders also have their fun share.

    A complete FreeKick kit includes a striker, a goalkeeper and three training mannequins. As for the goalkeeper, you can tap right/left to control the speed and the direction for a diving save.

    AXPRO FreeKick is currently running a Kickstarter campaign. The full set is priced at $89 for the first 100 backers.

    We all need some fun.” FreeKick team leader laughed while introducing their product. “FreeKick soccer set is a game that can involve the whole office together while not being too…you know, loud. And I am a soccer fan. So something under your work desk, something handy like your smartphone, something fun–the ideas add up quite naturally.

    Get ready for some crazy office shenanigans.


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