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Repulsor – The Wearable Flashlight From The Future!
7,911 lumen. 8,000mAh or 12,000mAh. USB backup power. Futuristic shockproof body. Perfect combination of design and technologies.

  • The Repulsor flashlight is an ultra powerful wearable light that fits right into a good sci-fi movie. Brighter than a car’s high beam lights, it cuts through the darkness like a hot knife through butter.

    The Repulsor flashlight utilizes the latest Xenon technology, offering excellent efficiency and is capable of 7911 lumen and has a jaw dropping 2300 feet beam throw. Featuring dual lenses, each lens offers over 60 degree wide beam angles so Repulsor will perfectly illuminate the space ahead of you, leaving practically no dark corners.

    Unlike most flashlights you have to hold in your hands, the Repulsor is fixed to the back of your trousers’ or jeans’ belt with the the help of flexible fasteners. This design leaves your hands completely free. Each light can be angled in any way thanks to the ‘goose-kneck’ like joints.

    repulsor flashlight

    Repulsor Flashlight Specifications

    Weighing in at 2.8lb (1.26kg) the Repulsor comes in two battery capacities: 8,000 mAh and 12,000 mAh which offer up to a 90 to 115 minute run-time respectively. The battery pack is removable and the flashlight is fully waterproof. As a bonus the flashlight can be used as a power bank to charge up your cellphone or any USB gadget. 12V and more power output is in the works.

    The team behind the Repulsor flashlight wanted to create something special and we believe they have succeeded. In their own words the light isn’t compact so it wont fit in your pocket but that’s because it want designed to help you find your keys. The team is working on various attachments and mounts such as one for bicycles. Thanks to the solid aluminium build the Repulsor team is also looking to target rescue services with it.

    You can back the Repulsor Flashlight on Kickstarter and start sending those ‘bat signals’ very soon! [UPDATE: The  campaign has been suspended by Kickstarter supposedly due to paid pledges. However the Repulsor team is working to find a solution.]

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