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Opto – the first portable VR headset with integrated audio

  • The first portable Virtual Reality (VR) headset with integrated audio – Opto, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on KickStarter with the objective of raising GBP 40,000 by 29th April.

    opto virtual reality headsetOpto believes good sound is crucial for an immersive VR experience, thus Opto is the first portable VR headset, where audio has been an integral part from the beginning of the design process. The speakers sit within the headset, therefore users don’t need to add their own headphones.

    The Opto virtual reality headset supports any smartphone with a screen size between 4 and 5.1 inches. The unique magnetic front cover mechanism allows for quick and easy attachment and removal of the phone whilst keeping it secure. This system allows for use of the phone while still inside the front cover.

    opto virtual reality headsetThe device is made out of a patented closed-­‐cell foam material called XL EXTRALIGHT®, which makes it lightweight, tough and comfortable to wear,but remains easy to clean.

    Opto is about making high quality VR accessible for anyone who owns a smartphone. Our aim is to move VR from the gaming den into the living room” – says Co­‐founder Richard Stephens.

    You can check out the technical specs for the Opto Virtual Reality headset here: Opto Technical Specs

    opto virtual reality headsetThe crowdfunding campaign aims to raise GBP 40,000 for the manufacturing of the first 500 devices and can be supported here:

    About Opto Products

    Opto was developed by two designers who want to make VR headsets accessible for anyone, owning any brand of smartphone. Opto was founded by industrial designer Tom Jarvis and software developer Richard Stephens in their studio in London, which is part of Makerversity; a co-working space for start-ups.

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