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The Shaving Revolution begins with the Model T
Rockwell Razors returns to Kickstarter with the Rockwell Model T razor after successfully raising $148,000 with the Rockwell 6S in 2014

  • Rockwell Model T RazorRockwell Razors, a men’s shaving startup focused on innovative shaving technology, believe they have perfected the razor with the introduction of their revolutionary Model T Razor. The Rockwell Model T Razor, is the key to a comfortable, convenient, and affordable shave; customizable to a person’s skin type and facial hair length all without a monthly subscription to cartridges you don’t need. How does the Model T deliver a customizable shave you ask, simply by turning the dial of the Model T from 1 to 6, which adjusts the gap and angle between the razor blade and plate to best suit your skin condition and stubble length at any given time. Based on the design of razors from the 1950’s, the Rockwell Model T uses double edge razor blades, which cost 10 cents each and stay sharp even longer than cartridges that cost significantly more.

    Rockwell Model T Razor

    When it comes to razors Rockwell isn’t a new kid on the block, having already launched and successfully funded the Rockwell 6S (no its not an iPhone) back in September 2014. They raised an impressive $148,000 on the Crowd-funding website: KickStarter.

    The Rockwell Model T Razor is currently raising funds on KickStarter and has already passed its funding goal.

    A man’s facial hair length and skin condition will be slightly different every time he shaves ­ and their razor should reflect that. That’s why Rockwell designed the Model T.” said Gareth Everard, a co­founder at Rockwell Razors. “The Model T will be a game­changer for men who can’t get smooth, irritation ­free shaves from cartridges, or are frustrated by the price of cartridge razors.

    Rockwell Model T RazorThe concept of a customizable, adjustable razor has actually been around since the 1950’s, but was left behind by major shaving companies in lieu of inferior, disposable razors once the patents on adjustable razors ran out. In addition to a smoother shave, the single blade of an adjustable, classic razor like a Rockwell Model T has many health benefits, including lower rates of ingrown hairs and less skin irritation and inflammation.

    The Rockwell Model T is available for $99.99 on Kickstarter. The Rockwell 6S is available for $99.99 on, and will become available at many additional retailers through 2016.

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